Sample Storage (-20 & -80 storage)




We bring you tbe best in class automated sample management systems. The systems are available in both -20°C and -80°C, with integration capabilities to a Liquid Handling Station, Rack Runner or a DeCapper.

Complete with software, consumables and regional service and support teams, these system are a necessity for any mid-size to large modern laboratory. 


Biobanking - Sample Access Manger (SAM)

The SAM is an automated sample management system available in both -20°C and -80°C  platforms that combines reliability, robustness, flexibility and ease of use in a mid-sized biobank. The SAM is compact, robust, localized storage system for secure sample management of up to 803 microplates or 60,000 microtubes.


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Compound Storage - Active Sample Manager (ASM)

The ASM is our automated sample management system for high-throughput storage of  tubes, vials, and plates with a temperature range down to -20°C. The  ASM is the world's only plate handling system that automatically seals and unseals microplates within an inert, temperature-controlled -20°C environment. The “ST” stands for SealTiteTM, the world’s first reusable microplate seal designed specifically for automation.


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