Dionex Corporation, now part of Thermo Fisher Scientific, develops, manufactures, sells, and services chromatography and extraction systems for separating, isolating, and identifying the components of chemical mixtures.


By combining our leadership in chromatography with Thermo Fisher Scientific’s leadership in mass spectrometry and other techniques, a new range of powerful and simplified workflow solutions now becomes possible. Our solutions are used by the environmental, life sciences, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, chemicals, power generation, and electronics industries.


Industries and Markets:

Dionex has multifaceted portfolio in respective areas:


Environmental Sector

Scientists monitor trace-level impurities in drinking water, groundwater, and wastewater. Using Dionex technology, they evaluate pollutants under regulations established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, ASTM, ISO, and other agencies around the world. Our environmental expertise includes homeland security applications to identify explosives and hazardous chemicals and pollution testing for the analysis of air, soil, and solid waste.

  • Water Analysis
  • Pollution Testing
  • Safety and Security

Life Sciences Sector

At Dionex, bioanalytical technologies and applications are driven by collaborations with our customers. We listened, learned, researched, and then developed a wide array of tools to facilitate success in bioanalysis. Our technology empowers a growing number of biochemical applications, including fundamental research, analysis of molecules involved in disease, and analyte-specific tools that facilitate drug discovery and development.

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Bioscience
  • Medical Science

Industrial Sector

Dionex serves a wide range of industrial markets, including the chemical, food, electronics, and power industries. For each area, we consistently deliver analytical expertise, empowering industrial scientists as they test for compounds in a variety of complex matrices. These industries rely on our capabilities for specialized trace analysis in high-purity water, and we continually develop unique applications and products to meet their needs.

  • Chemical
  • Food
  • Electronics
  • Power

Global Support & Technical Centre

Dionex headquarters is located in Sunnyvale, California, in the heart of the dynamic high-technology community known as Silicon Valley. Our support and technical centers are located all over the world.



When you buy products and services from Dionex, you are assured of certified quality that is recognized around the world. Dionex products are designed, developed, manufactured, sold, and serviced under an NSAI-registered ISO 9001:2008 Quality System. NSAI's certificates are valued internationally as a standard of quality. Dionex registers its processes with NSAI to comply with requirements of the ISO standards in all aspects of the company's chromatography instrumentation and related products.