IC & Reagent-Free Ion Chromatography Systems










Dionex has been the industry leader in ion chromatography (IC) for over 30 years with systems and solutions that represent state-of-the-art technological advancements and patented technologies, including:

  • RFIC™ System technology
  • Eluent generation
  • Electrolytic suppression
  • Continuously regenerated trap columns
  • Three-dimensional electrochemical detection Award-winning systems
  • Dual capabilities to improve workflow, signal enhancement, and complex applications

A Wide Range of Solutions

Dionex develops, manufactures, sells, and services IC systems to separate, isolate, and identify the components of chemical mixtures. Dionex products are used extensively in the environmental, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, life science, biotechnology, chemical, petrochemical, power generation, and electronics industries. Our customers include many of the world's largest companies, government agencies, research institutions, and universities.


Dionex IC systems are used extensively in the environmental, pharmaceutical, life sciences, biotechnology, chemical, petrochemical, food and beverage, power generation, and electronics industries. Applications include anion and cations, carbohydrates, organic acids, amino acids, proteins, peptides, oligonucleotides, oxyhalides, carboxylates, polysaccharides, polyphosphates, fatty acids, metals, phenols, surfactants, ethanolamines, and more.



Depending on your needs, a wide range of choices are available from the ICS-900 to the ICS-5000. Whatever the size of your workload, whether your analytical task is simple or challenging, we have a solution to match your needs and budget. Dionex systems also come with superior customer support and service worldwide.


IC and Reagent-Free IC Systems

Ranging from the ICS-900 to the ICS-5000, Dionex ion chromatography systems cover the entire range of IC needs and budgets. Dionex systems come with superior support and service worldwide.


IC and Reagent-Free IC Solutions

Laboratories using RFIC systems spend less time on equilibration, calibration, method verification, troubleshooting, and consistency checks because the systems minimize variations in the preparation of eluents and regenerants.


IC and Reagent-Free IC Modules

Dionex offers a wide variety of autosamplers, injectors, pumps, thermostatted column compartments, and detectors. Whether you require a dedicated system or full modularity for flexible applications, all components are integrated and single-point controlled through Chromeleon software or easy-to-use TTL control.


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