Protein Expression


The Specificity and Sensitivity of TaqMan® Expression Assays — Now Available for Protein Research


Revolutionary TaqMan® Protein Assays combine the sensitive, specific protein-binding capabilities of antibodies with the superior relative quantitation capabilities of 5' nuclease real-time PCR. They enable fast, easy identification and relative quantification of proteins from small sample sizes or limited numbers of cells—all in a homogeneous assay format. With the TaqMan® Protein Assays Open Kit, you can make your own TaqMan® Protein Assay from a biotinylated antibody for your protein of interest.

  • Enables direct correlation of mRNA and/or miRNA expression to protein expression on the same real-time PCR platform
  • Provides greater sensitivity and a more quantitative readout than western blots and immunostaining—no fixing or staining cells!
  • Open Kit enables simple assay development from biotinylated antibodies for your proteins of interest—even using a single polyclonal antibody!



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