Automated SPE & ASE




Accelerated Solvent Extraction (ASE)

Solvent extractions that normally require labor-intensive steps are automated or performed in minutes, with reduced solvent consumption and reduced sample handling using Accelerated Solvent Extraction (ASE®) or AutoTrace® systems.

ASE systems use a patented technique for the extraction of solid and semisolid samples using common solvents at elevated temperature and pressure. The ASE 150 and 350 systems feature pH-hardened pathways with Dionium™ components to support extraction of acidic or alkaline matrices, and combine pretreatment, solvent extraction, and cleanup into one step. Dionium is zirconium that has undergone a proprietary hardening process that makes it inert to chemical attack by acids and bases at elevated temperatures.

ASE systems are dramatically faster than Soxhlet, sonication, and other extraction methods, and require significantly less solvent and labor. ASE methods are accepted and established in the environmental, pharmaceutical, foods, polymers and consumer product industries. ASE method are accepted and used by government agencies worldwide.


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Solid-Phase Extraction (Autotrace)


The AutoTrace® 280 instrument performs automated solid-phase extractions (SPE) of large-volume liquid samples for organic analysis. Liquid–liquid extractions that normally take long hours can be automated using an AutoTrace SPE system. Extraction steps that normally require constant attention by chemists and technicians are performed automatically, and an AutoTrace instrument significantly reduces sample handling compared to techniques such as separatory funnel or vacuum manifold for SPE. The tedious and time-consuming steps of liquid-liquid extraction can be greatly decreased by automating the SPE steps of condition, load, rinse, and elute. AutoTrace systems offer a lower sample preparation cost-per-sample than other techniques by reducing solvent and labor cost by up to 90%.
 Extractions for liquid sample sizes of 20 mL–20 L
 Dramatic solvent reduction and reduced sample handling
 Wide range of applications
 Approved for use by many government agencies

Sample Preparation Accessories

The InGuard™ inline and OnGuard® II offline cartridges are designed to remove matrix interferences such as phenolics, metals, cations, anions, or hydrophobic substances encountered in many ion chromatography applications. The 9 × 24 mm InGuard cartridges have standard 10-32 connections for easy installation, and can be used for multiple samples. OnGuard II cartridges, available in 1 cc and 2.5 cc high-capacity formats, incorporate new OnGuard cartridge hardware.


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