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Research scientists use microplate readers to facilitate their exploration of new drug targets in the early stages of drug discovery. Microplate readers help them quantitate their targets by measuring the activity of a drug or biochemical in an organic sample. Depending on the target and assay involved, researchers often need to increase throughput, from running a few plates at a time to larger batch processing, while also improving reproducibility.


In the past, plate washers have not always met the expectations of researchers. The washing solutions were often non-upgradable, did not process cell-based assays well, and were prone to clogging. However, this situation improved when Molecular Devices introduced the AquaMax® Microplate Washer.


AquaMax Microplate Washers are ideal for ELISAs and cell-based assays. The washer has specific heads for plate washing and cell washing, so it is well suited to work with both assays, and can be integrated with any of SpectraMax microplate readers or the StakMax Microplate Handling System.


The StakMax Plate Handling System meets a broad range of applications and can be integrated with any SpectraMax Microplate Reader or an AquaMax Microplate Washer. This combination of StakMax Handler, AquaMax Washer, and SpectraMax Reader can meet most throughput needs as well as improve reproducibility from one experiment to the next.


Please use the links below to learn more about microplate washers, and how we can support the success of your automation efforts.


StakMax Microplate Handling System

The StakMax Microplate Handling System is an integrated microplate stacker for use with Molecular Devices SpectraMax Microplate Readers and AquaMax Microplate Washers, providing simple, powerful, walk-away benchtop automation.

MultiWash III Microplate Washer

The MultiWash III Microplate Washer is a low-cost, 96-well microplate washer that represents the perfect balance between features and affordability.

AquaMax 2000 & 4000 Microplate Washers

The 4-in-1 AquaMax line of microplate washers are self-contained microplate washer systems.



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