Research in the cosmetic industry, such as the pharmaceutical industry, involves testing for active compounds. To identify active compounds, large compound libraries are screened, and liquid handling workstations can be used to automate the screening assays. Hamilton’s STAR line of workstations is particularly well suited to such applications, since it is flexible enough to handle a large variety of compounds and highly viscous liquids. 


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Recently, complete models of reconstructed skin have been developed that allow highly standardized screening tests of compounds for skin care products. Building on our experience in the automation of embryonic stem cell cultures, Hamilton has developed a system for the automation of skin cell cultures. 


Microbiology applications, especially the study of bacterial growth in cosmetic products, is an area where the non-liquid vector based pipetting system provides additional security. Cross contamination and self-contamination are avoided, giving reliable results in the Hamilton STAR line of instruments.


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