Animal Science / Veterinary

Consideration for the health and welfare of animals is an integral part of modern society. The requirement to test for and monitor disease are paramount issues to the protection of public health and animal welfare.


Basic Research

Hamilton offers a wide selection of standard and customized solutions for the automation of typical applications in basic research. Select your area of interest from the list to learn more about suitable solutions for your laboratory.



Research in the cosmetic industry, such as the pharmaceutical industry, involves testing for active compounds. To identify active compounds, large compound libraries are screened, and liquid handling workstations can be used to automate the screening assays. Hamilton’s STAR line of workstations is particularly well suited to such applications, since it is flexible enough to handle a large variety of compounds and highly viscous liquids. 



Hamilton offers a validated application compliant to the CE-IVD standard that performs sample preparation for PCR pools, including sample transfer into pool tubes and the resolution of the pool in case of a positive pool. The system accommodates most of the commonly used sample tubes and deep well archive plates.


Food Sciences 

In addition to food protection from potentially hazardous residues, the detection of genetically modified food has become a major topic of public interest. Food regulation authorities worldwide have produced proposals for restrictions of unwanted residues in food, genetically modified food, and food ingredients thus, the field of food analysis has become extremely important.



DNA analysis is becoming more and more important in crime investigations. The growth of forensic databases and the introduction of increasingly sophisticated analytical methods has resulted in higher numbers of samples that need to be processed in forensic laboratories.


Medical Research

Successful mapping of the human genome has led to the generation of a vast reservoir of data that has revolutionized traditional medical research approaches. Methods have transitioned from studying only 1-2 genes at a time to simultaneously exploring thousands of genes and proteins within complex systems. 


Microbiology / Virology

Microbiology research includes the study of bacteria, yeasts, moulds and viruses, which play an important role in human health, agriculture, industry and biogeochemical cycles. Microbiology researchers are currently facing issues such as the biotechnological production of food and drugs, elucidation of infectious disease mechanisms, and decomposition of microbial waste products. 


Pharmaceutical Research

The development of new drugs becomes more and more challenging: Identifying really promising candidates for new drugs is getting more difficult and regulations are getting stricter to ensure safety of patients, thus increasing the number of tests and assays required. HAMILTON is offering solutions to improve your research by providing solutions for automation for increased throughput and higher reproducibility. Whether it is a system for preparing plates for assays, for high throughput screening, for pharmacological or toxicity studies or for all of it, HAMILTON will have a system customized for your needs!


Plant Science

Plant Science is essential to human life as plants produce all of the world's food either directly or indirectly. They also provide raw materials, pharmaceuticals and offer renewable sources of energy.