Biobanking - Sample Access Manger (SAM)










The SAM is an automated sample management system available in both -20°C and -80°C  platforms that combines reliability, robustness, flexibility and ease of use in a mid-sized biobank.


State-of-the-Art Sample Storage

The SAM is compact, robust, localized storage system for secure sample management of up to 803 microplates or 60,000 microtubes. Our patented automation not only eliminates freeze-thaw cycles, but also limits any moisture introduction into the system, therefore maintaining the integrity of samples. The system continuously monitors the -20°C / -80°C sample environment, even during picking, ensuring the samples never reach critical sample temperature until only the requested samples are presented for collection.


Useful for Biobanking and Drug Discovery Applications

The SAM is environmentally controlled, with a temperature range of +20°C to -40°C on the -20°C platform or -50°C to -80°C on the -80°C platform, which allows for the storage of compounds and biological samples, such as DNA/RNA, oligonucleotides, cells, plasma, serum, tissues, proteins and bacterial clones.


External Magnetic Couplers

The SAM presents a great advantage over other -20°C / -80°C storage systems by its use of external magnetic couplers used to drive internal robotics. This patented technology eliminates any moisture introduced within the system while maintaining sample quality and increasing system reliability.


21 CFR Part 11 Compliant Software

The SAM is the only -20°C / -80°C automated storage module on the market equipped with 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software that provides a laboratory with the ability to manage and track samples.  This is achieved by supplying access control functions and customized, detailed reports that document the security of a sample.


With the SAM, user rights and groups can be set up to limit access to specified libraries.  Password protection ensures that a user can only access samples for which he/she is authorized.  The system includes electronic signature capability for 21 CFR Part 11 applications. 


Additionally, the SAM maintains a complete audit trail, providing information such as who took out the sample, how long it was out, and how many times it was taken out.  These reports help a laboratory properly manage chain of custody.


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