Genotyping & Genetic Variation


Genotyping and gene variation studies help associate differences with disease and potential therapies. Select the right plant seed line, or optimize your lead drug candidates. Applied Biosystems is a leader in providing sequencing, real-time PCR instruments, reagents, informatics, and gene-mapping tools for targeted and genome-wide discovery of single nucleotide polymophisms (SNPs), copy number variants, and other genetic variations.


Capillary Sequencing - Applied Biosystems provides a portfolio of leading-edge instruments, reagents and software solutions to enable a multitude of genetic analysis applications.



Next-Generation Sequencing - The accuracy, throughput, and versatility of the SOLiD™ System is uniquely suited for large-scale resequencing experiments.



Real-Time PCR - Complete TaqMan®-probe and High Resolution Melting-based workflows that provide everything you need to get from sample to result.




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