Microplate Readers

SpectraMax M5e

Microplate detection is one of the most basic laboratory tools used in drug discovery and life science research. A microplate reader acquires and processes a range of biological and biochemical data--from measuring a simple colorimetric change in an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) or monitoring a complex kinase binding interaction via time-resolved fluorescence (TRF) to tracking data in regulated environments requiring FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. 


With the wide variety of approaches to detecting biological and chemical changes in samples, microplate readers are used extensively in many areas of research including disease studies, compound investigation, assay development, bioassay validation, quality control, and biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes.


Molecular Devices has been developing microplate reader technology for over 25 years and has shipped over 30,000 units worldwide. Our products include microplate readers, microplate washers, automation capabilities, GxP-compliance tools, and SoftMax® Pro Data Acquisition & Analysis Software. Our expertise combined with our many patents in this area give researchers the most flexibility, sensitivity, and ease-of-use for the broadest range of microplate-based assays.



SpectraMax Paradigm

Multi-Mode Microplate Readers

Molecular Devices offers a versatile range of multi-mode readers. Each system meets a different combination of needs from basic research to drug discovery. With seven different configurations, researchers can purchase the modes they need for their specific applications, and most of the readers can be upgraded with additional modes as the needs of the user change.



  • FlexStation 3 Benchtop Multi-Mode Microplate Reader
  • SpectraMax Paradigm Multi-Mode Microplate Detection Platform
  • SpectraMax M5e Multi-Mode Microplate Reader
  • SpectraMax M5 Multi-Mode Microplate Readers
  • SpectraMax M4 Multi-Mode Microplate Reader
  • SpectraMax M3 Multi-Mode Microplate Reader
  • SpectraMax M2 & M2e Multi-Mode Microplate Reader
  • FilterMax F3 & F5 Multi-Mode Microplate Readers


Single-Mode Microplate Readers

Molecular Devices offers a range of single-mode readers for absorbance, fluorescence, or luminescence detection of microplate-based assays, including six absorbance, two fluorescence, and one luminescence configuration. Each system supports a different set of research needs, depending largely on the applications of interest.


Absorbance Microplate Readers


  • SpectraMax 340PC384 Absorbance Microplate Reader
  • SpectraMax Plus384 Absorbance Microplate Reader
  • SpectraMax 190 Absorbance Microplate Reader
  • VersaMax ELISA Microplate Reader
  • VMax Kinetic ELISA Microplate Reader
  • EMax Endpoint ELISA Microplate Reader

Gemini EM


Fluorescence Microplate Readers
  • Gemini EM Fluorescence Microplate Reader
  • Gemini XPS Fluorescence Microplate Reader

SpectraMax L


Luminescence Microplate Readers


  • SpectraMax L Luminescence Microplate Reader

Microplate-Based Assays


Easy-to-use comparison chart for selecting a Molecular Devices microplate reader based on your application needs.


Validation & Compliance (QA/QC) for Microplate Analysis



We understand that the data you generate with our instrument systems are often used to make critical decisions. To help ensure you are able to make the best decisions possible, we offer a range of validation & compliance products, including validation documentation for software and hardware, calibration and validation tools, a range of service plans, and expert technical and applications support.



  • SpectraTest Validation Plates for Instrument Validation
  • Software Validation Tools

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