Food Testing



Dionex Ion Chromatography (IC) and Accelerated Solvent Extraction (ASE®) systems and technologies deliver increased productivity and accuracy for the food, beverage, and supplements analytical laboratory. Reliable instrumentation and targeted applications deliver powerful analysis solutions that are both fast and accurate.
Research and Development
Research and development for food products can be made simple and fast with our Accelerated Solvent Extraction (ASE) systems. Dionex ASE systems save time and labor in sample preparation, a key step in the food analysis process. ASE delivers reliable extraction of many matrices including dietary supplements and herbal health products.
Our increasingly global food supply chain has made food safety a global concern. Food safety concerns such as contaminants and adulterants can be reliably and quickly determined using Dionex IC and HPLC systems, columns, and applications.
  • Food Safety
  • Beverage Analysis
  • Dietary and Herbal Supplements
  • Food Testing
  • Tobacco Analysis
Food & Beverage Testing Applications

Food suppliers, producers, manufacturers, and regulatory agencies are required to test more products for more analytes, with greater accuracy, in less time. The farm-to-fork approach to food safety is being adopted by food and farming industries alike, from raw material and process control to finished product inspection and distribution
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Foodborne illness is a serious public health concern throughout the world. If you are a food grower, manufacturer, packer, shipper, wholesaler, or retailer—it’s a major concern for your business too. Shipping contaminated foods can result in processing delays, product recalls, plant shut-downs—even legal action. It can cost your company millions in revenue as well as its reputation, stock value, and future profitability.

For more than 25 years, we have led the way in genetic innovation for life science research and validated markets. Today, we are a molecular technology leader for the food industry. Our pathogen detection systems provide accurate and fast solutions to help you ensure the safety and quality of your products