Methods at your fingertips

iMethodTM Tests for Cliquid® Software are the easiest way to harness the power of LC/MS/MS for food safety testing, environmental analysis, clinical research, and forensic toxicology. With iMethodTM Tests you simply download a lab-proven method from the web or a CD into the Cliquid® Software and run your sample*. All the instrument parameters are downloaded upon install. Everything you need to start running a test immediately is included - sample preparation, LC methods, optimized MS methods, processing methods, reporting templates, and complete method documentation.


Reduce your method development time

iMethodTM Tests not only provide instant methods to reduce the need for method development, they also enable you to create new or customize existing methods using the MRM catalog, reducing development costs and development time from months to days. Starting with an iMethodTM Test can save you months of time and effort-and thousands of dollars-in the deployment of a new test.


An easy-to-use combination

Cliquid® Software allows you to choose a test, build a sample list, choose a report, and start the run with a simple four-step workflow. It's so easy that even laboratories without mass spectrometry experience can be up and running quickly.

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