PCR (polymerase chain reaction) is a technique that is central to molecular biology research. Developed by Kerry Mullis in 1983, this technique revolutionized genetic research, opening many doors to new applications in medicine and biotechnology. For this, the Nobel prize was awarded to Mullis for development of this empowering tool. PCR is currently used in a variety of applications ranging from cloning, gene expression analysis, genotyping, sequencing, resequencing, and mutagenesis. PCR is also used in diagnostics for infectious diseases and in forensic investigation.


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Fast PCR can help you achieve results comparable to standard reactions in just a fraction of the time.

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Buffers & dNTPs
  • Buffers

  • Contamination Control Kits

  • DNTP Mixes


Controls & cDNAs

  • RT-PCR Controls, Primers & Probes


Custom & Pre-designed Primers

  • Custom Labeled Primers

  • RT-PCR Primers


PCR Enzymes & Kits

  • Contamination Control Kits
  • Fast PCR
  • General PCR
  • High-Fidelity PCR Kits
  • Hot-Start PCR Kits
  • Hot-Start & General PCR Kits with Controls
  • Long PCR Kits
  • Master Mixes
  • Microbial Amplification Kits
  • Microsatellite Marker PCR Kits
  • Multiplex PCR
  • Wax Beads for Hot-Start PCR

Reaction Plates, Adhesive Films & Accessories

  • 48-Well, 96-Well & 384-Well Reaction Plates
  • Adhesive Films, Plate Covers & Accessories


RT-PCR Enzymes & Kits

  • cDNA Synthesis & RACE Kits
  • Controls, Primers & Probes
  • DNA Removal
  • Gene-Specific Primers
  • MulLV-Based Kits with Oligo d(T)16 or Random Hexamer Primers
  • rTth Single-Enzyme Kits
  • Reverse Transcriptases


Thermal Cyclers

  • 60-Well & 0.5 ml Tube Thermal Cyclers
  • 96-Well & 0.1 ml Tube Thermal Cyclers
  • 96-Well & 0.2 ml Tube Thermal Cyclers
  • 384-Well Thermal Cyclers
  • Software & Accessories
  • Spare Parts


Tubes, Caps, Trays & Accessories

  • Cap Installing & Removal Tools
  • Reaction Tubes
  • Reaction Tube Strips & Caps
  • Reaction Tube Trays & Accessories
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