Biotherapeutics & Vaccine Production QC


Responding to the Quest to Improve the Human Condition

New cell lines, heightened concerns about product safety, emerging biosimilars, and a vaccine industry shifting to cell culture–based production all point to a need for forward-thinking technology and product platforms. Leveraging core expertise in downstream chromatography purification, and rapid molecular-based contaminant testing, the biotherapeutics and vaccine production solutions from Applied Biosystems help solve everyday problems from improving capacity, resolution and yield to performing same-day critical impurity analyses.

  • High Resolution, High Capacity Resins for Chemical Bioseparations using POROS® Chromatography Resins
  • SEQ Rapid Molecular Methods for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing for Contaminant and Impurity Analysis

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Downstream Purification - High Resolution, High Capacity Resin for Chemical Bioseparation
Pharmaceutical Analytics - SEQ rapid molecular methods for pharmaceutical manufacturing

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