Syndromic Real Time PCR Kits


FTD kits are IVD CE certified

Fast–track diagnostics produces an extensive range of advanced multiplex assays which provide quick, reliable, clinically relevant results. We help clinicians minimise uncertainty for patients. Our assays identify a wide range of viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. By detecting up to four pathogens in one tube, and up to 33 in asingle patient sample, each assay enables labs to provide clinicians with the detailed data – the true positives and true negatives



Infectious Diseases, Syndromic real-time multiplexing, Molecular Diagnostics, Flexible assays, Molecular Microbiology


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Pathogens and Products

Respiratory infections Meningitis
Gastroenteritis Infections of the immunosuppressed
Sexually transmitted infections Tropical fever
Fever rash childhood infections Eye infections