IGB Events

Join us at upcoming Conferences, Seminars & Meetings. Visit IGB products at these scientific tradeshows and at our hosted presentations.

Event Location Partner Date

Applied Biosystems, Molecular Devices, Hamilton,

Omni International, ACE Bio,

FTD, Scientifica, DAN Genotek

Silicon Biosystems

25 – 28 Jan 2015,

Zabeel Hall

Booth # Z7D30

DWTC, Dubai

6th Pan Arab Human Genetics Conference  

Applied Bio, Hamilton, Mol. Dev, ACE Bio,FTD,

Omni, Intl., Scientiofica, DNA Genotek,

Silicon Biosystems

21- 23 Jan

Al Bustan Rotana,


Arab Lab Dubai

Life Technologies, Hamilton,

Molecular Devices, ACEA Bio, FTD,

Omni International,


26 - 29 March, DWTC
IALM 2015 Dubai Hamilton & Life Technologies 19 - 21 Jan, DWTC
Dubai International Food Safety  conference Duabi Life Technologies 9 -11 Nov, DWTC
Ion World Tour 2014 Dubai Life Technologies

28 - 29 Nov,

Shereton Hotel

Dubai Mall

MEMBS 2014 Dubai Life Technologies & Hamilton 14 - 17 Sep, DWTC
Arab Lab 2014 Dubai

Life Technologies, Hamilton,

ACEA Biosciences,

Molecular Devices & 

 Thermo Scientific

17 - 20 March


Golden Helix Symposium Dubai Life Technologies 17 - 19 Nov 2013
The 2nd International Genomic
Medicine Conferenc
Jeddah Life Technologies 24 - 27 Nov 2013
DNA Anniversary  Riyadh Life Technologies Oct. 1st week
NGS User Meet Riyadh Life Technologies Last week of Sep