SOLiD™ System: Next-Generation Sequencing


Discover What Comes from Accuracy

The SOLiD™ System is a highly accurate, massively parallel next-generation sequencing platform that supports a wide range of applications. The flexibility of independent run lanes in the microfluidic FlowChip and multiplexing capability allow you to run a single lane quickly or conduct multiple experiments in a single run. With scalable throughput and up to 99.99% accuracy, the SOLiD™ System enables you to complete your sequencing and tag experiments more cost effectively than previously possible.


Products & Services


Next-Generation Systems

Which next-generation system fits your throughput and budget needs?  Compare the SOLiD™ Systems.

Next-Generation Sequencing Data Analysis Software

Analyze your data using SOLiD™ Instrument Control Software (ICS), LifeScope™ Genomic Analysis Solutions, or third-party downstream analysis packages.

Genomic Analysis Services Using the SOLiD™ System

Take advantage of next-generation sequencing technology without the capital investment of owning your own SOLiD™ System.


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