Influenza A (H1N1) Research


Integrated Solutions for Influenza Research, Detection, and Analysis

Commitment from Life Technologies

Life Technologies is committed to providing high-quality Research Use Only instruments and reagents for accurate isolation, detection, and confirmation of influenza viruses, including 2009 A(H1N1). As your partner for influenza research, from sample preparation all the way through data analysis, Life Technologies is the only company that can offer the confidence, quality, and support you expect from Applied Biosystems and Invitrogen.


Research Use Only Solutions for Influenza Detection and Confirmation

Influenza research consists of two phases: detection and confirmation. During the detection phase of the analysis, known influenza subtypes are detected using realtime PCR and sequence-specific probes. Samples that produce positive results in the detection phase are sequenced to confirm the presence of the virus. Sequencing provides visibility to novel mutations that may not be detected by real-time PCR.


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Research Tools for Influenza Detection - Reagents and systems for RNA isolation, reverse transcription, amplification, and assay detection.


Research Tools for Influenza Confirmation - Reagents and systems for whole genome sequencing, resequencing and antiviral resistance determination.




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