Animal Science / Veterinary


Consideration for the health and welfare of animals is an integral part of modern society. The requirement to test for and monitor disease are paramount issues to the protection of public health and animal welfare.


Animal disease surveillance and testing covers a multitude of disciplines and can include immunoassay screening, bacterial and viral testing, TSE testing, as well as various molecular biology techniques. Automation of Sample Testing


The financial and political impact of inadequate surveillance, epidemiology, and disease testing is severe for livestock owners and governments alike. Automation of sample testing is a prerequisite to achieve the required sample throughput and reproducibility, and is part of many government's disease response strategies. The importance of sample traceability from "animal to result" is an integral part of this process. The system must also have the capability of handling a wide variety of sample types.


HAMILTON STAR Workstations

Hamilton is providing automation solutions to many of the disciplines contributing to the health and welfare of animals. The flexibility of the Hamilton STAR workstations allows the automation of these processes ranging from small scale testing to high throughput sample testing with full bar code traceability. There are several unique features of the STAR workstations that allow unrivalled liquid handling and process monitoring, while the flexibility provides automation across many scientific disciplines.



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