DNA Sequencing & Fragment Analysis by Capillary Electrophoresis


For over 25 years, Applied Biosystems has been a pioneer in the field of genetic analysis by offering systems to address the expansion of genetic analysis applications and the evolving needs of today’s research environment.


Supporting life science researchers in Academia and Industry, addressing a wide range of applications and throughput needs, Applied Biosystems is proud to provide gold-standard instrumentation, reagents, consumables, analysis software, and world-class technical support to address a limitless progression of scientific questions, leading to answers and solutions.


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Instruments & Accessories

We have a wide range of medium-to high-throughput instruments for every application and budget. Which Genetic Analyzer Is Right for You?


Reagents & Kits

Find which sequencing and reaction clean-up kits are right for you.

Software for sequencing, mutation detection, genotyping, and more.

Application Guides


Genotyping & Genetic Variation

Fragment analysis is used for genotyping and detecting genetic variation. 

AFLP® Analysis
ISSR (Inter-Simple Sequence Repeat) Analysis
Microsatellite Instability
Microsatellite/STR Analysis
Relative Fluorescent Quantification
RFLP Analysis
SNP Genotyping
SSCP Analysis



DNA Sequencing

DNA Sequencing is a key technology in a number experimental workflows in the life science laboratory.

DeNovo Sequencing
BAC End Fingerprinting
Mitochondrial Sequencing
Fast Resequencing
Resequencing/Heterozygote Detection
HLA Genotyping



Human Identification

STR Genotyping-based methods for identifying human remains, establishing population databases, and parentage testing



Influenza A (H1N1) Sequencing

Reagents and systems for whole genome sequencing, resequencing and antiviral resistance determination.



Bacteria & Fungus Identification

Solutions for identifying and detecting bacteria and fungi in drug manufacturing




Bisulfite sequencing is the gold standard in validation of methylation

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