About Integrated Gulf Biosystems

The Company and its Philosophy:
Integrated Gulf Biosystems (IGB) is a complete solutions provider for Life and Analytical Sciences
Instrumentation. Founded in 1999 in UAE, the Company is a leading supplier for analytical instruments in the Middle East and North African region. The experience, expertise and commitment demonstrated by the Company have laid a strong foundation of growth and performance that have helped it expand its footprint significantly across the globe with presence in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt, and Libya. As the Company expands to newer geographies and regions, it remains rooted in its value of creating excellence.
The Company aims at improving health and environment for the future by representing the best product
manufacturers of the world such as Life Technologies- a part of Applied Biosystems, Hamilton, Moleculer Devices, ACEA Biosciences, Fast - Track Diagnostic etc, to offer quality products and equipments. Its service, processes and application support are benchmarked against globally recognized quality standards.
IGB takes pride in providing the Science for Better Quality Living.
Vision, Mission & Values
We are committed to bringing the latest technological advances and thereby improving the quality of scientific work in Life and Analytical Sciences in the regions we serve.
To be the most competitive company in the region for life sciences and analytical products lines we operate, by being in the top 2 bracket for revenues & quality. We will do so by selling cost effective solutions and providing quality service.
Our core values are 
Integral Accountable and Accountable for our deliverables
Passion - Authentic, deep & Natural Excitement about work.
Team Work - Develop and evolve team by meeting all legitimate expectations of the team.
Edge - Courage to make Tough Decisions on difficult situations.
Execution - Ability to get things done.
Core competencies:
Sales: A dedicated knowledgeable team in every region works on understanding the customer needs and discussing their business challenges, so as to provide the most optimum and economical solutions.
Service: IGB boasts of highly experienced and expert team of Service specialists at locations close to its customers. The team is well equipped with the technical knowledge and experience garnered through intensive trainings at the manufacturing locations of partners worldwide, put to good use in servicing customers.
Support: IGB has a dedicated team of Product and Application support specialists who cater to on-site customer applications and post installation of instruments.