Compound Storage - Active Sample Manager (ASM)










Active Sample Manager (ASM)

The ASM is our automated sample management system for high-throughput storage of  tubes, vials, and plates with a temperature range down to -20°C.


ASM Store

Each self-contained ASM Store is equipped to pick and compile individual 2-D barcoded microtubes, cryovials, or 96-microtube racks or microplates at quick rates, all within an inert, temperature-controlled environment from ambient to -20°C. Three different models allow you to choose the right ASM Store to accommodate your storage needs.


The specialized design of the ASM Store allows for the expansion of the ASM system by combining multiple ASM Store modules to one ASM Server. In addition, as tube picking and compiling functions are contained within each ASM Store module, tube pick rates and overall system output increases proportionately with the addition of each ASM Store module.


Compiled racks can be held until needed within the secure, user-defined storage of the ASM Store, or can be transferred directly to the ASM Server module or hand-off arm for retrieval and processing. This system architecture provides users with the highest level of flexibility and accessibility to meet current and future application demands.


ASM Server

The ASM Server module is combined with one or more ASM Store modules to complete the Active Sample Manager (ASM) system.  The ASM Server provides automated microtube input/output functionality for one or more ASM Store modules yielding a balanced, efficient work flow.


Otherwise known as the “brains” of the system, the ASM Server features an integrated active thaw, a robotic hand-off arm to third-party devices, and integrated 1-D and 2-D barcode reading. Every barcode is tracked on entry and exit to the system.


Hamilton Storage Technologies’ software and standard Applications Programming Interface (API) makes integration with Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and third-party instrumentation quick and easy.


Modular, scalable and transportable, the ASM system can grow with your library.


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