LC-MS/MS Solution for Food & Beverage Testing 



Farm to Fork

Food suppliers, producers, manufacturers, and regulatory agencies are required to test more products for more analytes, with greater accuracy, in less time. The farm-to-fork approach to food safety is being adopted by food and farming industries alike, from raw material and process control to finished product inspection and distribution

Whether you're analyzing drug residues, pesticides, toxins, or potential adulterants, AB SCIEX Food testing solutions speed the adoption of LC/MS/MS in your lab, delivering fast, accurate results in weeks instead of months. Our Food Testing solutions are optimized to identify and quantify hundreds of analytes in a single run, providing throughput and performance to help you to meet and exceed regulatory Demands

  • Raw Material Testing
  • Food Processing and Manufacturing
  • Finished Products
  • Import and Export Regulatory requirements


Food & Beverage Testing Applications

Our best-in-class technologies help answer complex scientific challenges and improve our world. We create scientific instrumentation, software and services for the life science, clinical research and industrial markets, empowering you with technologies that are used in many applications. See how we can help you with your application
  • Pesticide Analysis
  • Veterinary Drug Analysis
  • Antibiotics Analysis 
  • General Unknown Screening
  • Multi-Contaminant Analysis
  • Allergen Testing
  • Ingredient Analysis
  • Toxin Analysis
  • Amino Acid Analysis



AB SCIEX mass spectrometers for all your Food testing needs.

  • Triple Quad™ Systems - 5500 series triple quadrupole (QQQ) mass spectrometer is the most sensitive LC-MS/MS system at present, deliver sensitivity and robustness for even the most complex matrices.
  • QTRAP® Systems - Unique combination of Triple Quadropole & Linear Ion Trap (Q-q-LIT) Mass Spectrometers, multiply the power of two best in class technology for Qualitative & Quantitative analysis in single experiment.
  • 5600 TripleTOF™ Systems - Next generation of High Resolution Mass Spectrometer (HRMS), Unmatched sensitivity at unparallel Speed. 




iMethodTM Tests for Food & Beverage 

Methods at your fingertips
iMethod™Tests are the easiest way to harness the power of LC/MS/MS for food safety testing. simply download a validated lab-proven method from the web or a CD and run your sample. All the instrument parameters are downloaded upon install. Everything you need to start running a test immediately is included - sample preparation, LC methods, optimized MS methods, processing methods, reporting templates, and complete method documentation. 
iMethod™ Tests for Food & Beverage - Get iMethod™ Tests from us and partners to test for pesticides



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