Real-Time PCR

Real-time quantitative PCR, also known as qPCR, combines the PCR amplification and detection into a single step, thus eliminating the need to detect products using gel electrophoresis and enabling the PCR method to be truly quantitative. Real-time PCR instrument systems utilize fluorescent dyes to detect the accumulation of PCR products during the exponential phase of the reaction, which allows for fast and precise product quantification and objective data analysis.
Real-time PCR instruments are used to perform the PCR as well as the real-time detection and monitoring of the resulting fluorescent signal. The Applied Biosystems family of qPCR systems, combined with our gold standard qPCR master mixes and TaqMan® probe-based assays for gene expression and genetic variation, make qPCR more accessible than ever.

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Reagents & Kits
  • Controls
  • DNA Removal
  • Other Reagents
  • MeltDoctor™ HRM Dye-Based Detection
  • SYBR® Green-Based Detection
  • TaqMan® Probe-Based Detection


Gene Expression Assays & Arrays

  • Individual Assays
  • 96-Well Arrays (Fast & Standard Plates)
  • 384-Well Arrays (Micro Fluidic Card)
  • Plates with More Than 384 Wells


Genotyping & Copy Number Assays

  • Copy Number Assays
  • SNP Genotyping Assays
  • TaqMan® OpenArray® Genotyping Plates


MicroRNA Assays

  • Arrays

  • Reverse Transcriptase Reagents

  • TaqMan® MicroRNA Assays

  • TaqMan® Pri-miRNA Assays


TaqMan® Protein Assays

  • Pre-designed Protein Assays and Core Reagent Kits
  • TaqMan® Protein Assays Open Kit & Core Reagents Kits
  • Protein Expression Sample Preparation Kits
  • Protein Expression Lysate Control Kits


Custom Primers & Probes

  • Custom Probes
  • Custom Unlabeled Primers


Custom TaqMan® Small RNA Assays

Digital PCR

  • OpenArray® Real-Time PCR Platform
  • Reagents, Plates & Accessories


Real-Time PCR Instruments

  • 48-Well Systems
  • 96-Well Systems
  • 96- & 384-Well Systems
  • Systems with More Than 384 Wells
  • Accessories
  • Spare Parts


Instrument Calibration Kits

  • HRM Calibration Kits for Real-Time PCR Instruments

  • RNase P Detection Controls & Reagents

  • RNase P Instrument Verification Plates & Reagents

  • Spectral Calibration Kits for Low Density Arrays

  • Spectral Calibration Kits for Real-Time PCR Instruments

    ViiA™ 7 System Calibration Kits


Reaction Plates & Adhesive Films

  • 48- Well, 96-Well & 384-Well Reaction Plates

  • Adhesive Films & Compression Pads


Tubes & Caps, Trays & Accessories

  • Cap Installing & Removal Tools
  • Reaction Tubes
  • Reaction Tube Strips & Caps
  • Reaction Tube Trays & Accessories



  • 7000 SDS Software

  • High Resolution Melt (HRM) Software v3.0.1

  • Primer Express Software

  • RealTime StatMiner® Software

  • SDS Software v2.4 for the 7900HT Fast


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