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In the production animal health industry, your reputation stands on your results simply because your customers rely on them. False positives can cause problems for the producer; false negatives can be catastrophic for the industry. Help customers produce the data they need to make profitable decisions for their businesses with our products and services.


Overview of Animal Health Products

Go Molecular with Confidence !

Our next-generation reagents and instruments give you confidence in your results.

  • MagMAX™ Sample Prep system for consistent purification of both DNA and RNA away from PCR inhibitors
  • Path-ID™ PCR and RT-PCR Kit master mixes for study design flexibility
  • VetMAX™ reagents for amplification of a wide range of target nucleic acid sequences
  • Easy-to-use instruments for PCR analysis

Our complete solution offering brings to you

  • Sample prep products 
  • Master mixes
  • Reagents & Controls
  • Instruments
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Learn more about our T. foetus, BVDV, MAP (Johne's), IBR, BRSV, and BTV reagents and controls.
Learn more about our PRRSv and M. hyopneumoniae (M. Hyo) reagents and controls.
Learn more about our Equine Influenza Virus (EIV) reagents and controls.
Learn more about our Avian Influenza Virus (AIV) and Newcastle Disease (NDV) reagents and controls.


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