Unplanned instrument downtime and inefficient laboratory processes are expensive. IGB has the knowledge and experience to optimize your instrument performance, maximize the availability of your critical systems, and streamline your laboratory workflows.  


A Service Plan can help you:

  • Maximize productivity
  • Optimize your laboratory's efficiency
  • Lower the cost of ownership
  • Get unmatched availability of critical laboratory systems
  • Increase quality
  • Lower costs by minimizing lost data, samples, or reagents

With IGB, you can choose from flexible service plans and a variety of additional services for the right level of support for your laboratory's needs and budget. 


Key Features

  • On-site Application consulting
  • Remote instrument monitoring and diagnostics
  • Instrument verification services
  • Instrument Operating Software upgrades
  • Planned maintenance
  • Highest priority for technical support
  • Fastest possible response on repairs
  • Troubleshooting data

Technical Support & Training

Our Technical Support team is ready to assist you with your questions about your own research or methods. to name few Molecular Biology Research, Drug Discovery & Development, Clinical Research, Forensic testing, Food & Beverage testing, Environmental Testing etc.

Our comprehensive instrument and application-based training courses cover a wide range of workflows, methods and compounds. We also offer application-specific courses given by leading experts that give invaluable insight into sample preparation, regulatory requirements, and data interpretation. IGB offers comprehensive, hands-on instrument, and applications-based courses on a variety of topics.


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