Pharmaceuticals & Biopharmaceuticals



From drug discovery through development into manufacturing and QA/QC, whether the product is a small molecule drug, a recombinant therapeutic protein, or a vaccine, IGB's product portfolio is here to support your fastest development cycles and highest product quality.


Chromatography Solutions 


Chromatography applications are run daily in laboratories worldwide and many of these applications can be reused by other laboratories working in the same area. Method developers like to share their results to accelerate development and to ensure that their work is not duplicated; analysts also require a quick way to find chromatography methods for the compounds they are analyzing..



Biotherapeutics & Vaccine Production QC  


New cell lines, heightened concerns about product safety, emerging biosimilars, and a vaccine industry shifting to cell culture–based production all point to a need for forward-thinking technology and product platforms. Leveraging core expertise in downstream chromatography purification, and rapid molecular-based contaminant testing, the biotherapeutics and vaccine production solutions from Applied Biosystems help solve everyday problems from improving capacity, resolution and yield to performing same-day critical impurity analyses..



Mass Spectrometry Solutions  


AB SCIEX technology is central to the drug discovery and development pipeline.  From the rapid structural identification and in vitro metabolic stability needs of the Early Discovery phase, through to the integrated Qual/Quant and low-level quantitation requirements of the Development phase. AB SCIEX offers an innovative set of chromatography, mass spectrometry, software and compliance & validation solutions to meet the demands of modern therapeutic drug development..